Friday, May 28, 2010

Norman is here...

Norman the Jersey bull calf arrived 2 days ago! Little Norman was very young & still unsteady on his legs. Taken from his Mom at birth he was still calling out for her when he arrived here. It was a very hot day & we cooled him down in the stall. He refused to eat or drink anything for the first 24 hours but is doing just fine now on his bottle!
Norman & Ashli met and seemed happy to see each other. As the days have gone by they are becoming more & more bonded....playing & grooming each other !
The calls for his Mom have stopped & he is settling in to his forever home quickly!
We hope to have their paddock & shelter built in the next few weeks so they can venture out to play 24/7.
What beautiful creatures these calfs, loving & very funny ! Hard to believe they are sold for mere can any life be worth so little?? These are 2 of millions who are discarded daily for being born male in an industry who enslaves the females for their milk. They all suffer.
Ashli & Norman will live their lives free from worry. We will give them food, shelter & most of all LOVE !!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Welcome Ashli to the family!

Last week we welcomed our first bovine to the Snooters family!

Ashli is named after a friend who dedicated her life to animal welfare. She was tragically killed in a motor vehicle accident last February. I said our next rescue animal would carry her name.

Ashli is a little boy but in soap opera world "Ashli" is a great boys name! He certainly seems to like it!

Our little guy came from a rescue, which is not at all unusual....most every male calf born to a dairy enslaved Mom will be sent for veal sad but true. So many people do not eat veal because of the cruelty but forget about the dairy industry.

Little Ashli came here last Friday with his umbilical cord still attached (dried/but still attached), I was told he is probably 2-3 days old. We were suppose to get 2 calves but sometimes things change & no one can answer why. Hopefully we will get Ashli a friend very soon.

He is the sweetie little man . Friendly, gentle, funny & so curious about the world. For now he is living in the barn & being bottle fed but I hope to get him into a paddock soon. We will be having to fence off another section & build a "house/lean-to" for him before fall.

Welcome Ashli, we love you already !!!

PS... the tag in his ear will be removed SOON !