Monday, December 21, 2009

Grocery shopping, seen in a different light...

Today I went grocery shopping for Christmas. I went to the Loblaws SuperCenter (one of our bigger Canadian chains). Of course it was busy, but that is expected this time of the year.
I went up & down every isle picking out the things that were on my list (which I left at home!)
I found myself going down the meat isle, basically because it was one of the isles!
I guess being 4 days before Christmas everything was stocked to over flowing.
I have been vegetarian for 12 years & vegan for 1 1/2 yrs & this is the first time I really "saw" what was there.....hundreds of large frozen headless turkeys, overflowing freezers with pig rumps (hams) & god knows what else I chose not to notice....I actually got choked up....and hurried on my way out of this place. I know my meat eating friends will be thinking "oh God Susan" but this is really how I felt. I want everyone to just think & see what I saw in that isle & perhaps reflect a little to the suffering that goes into that Christmas feast.
I remember my first Thanksgiving after going vegetarian. I was so concerned about what I would eat & how the meal would not be the same as the past. Well, I have to tell you my plate was full, I enjoyed every bite & never missed that slab of flesh on my plate...our minds are just so programed from children that our meal must include meat...obviously not so. I have never felt better both physically & mentally since giving up animal products!

Merry Christmas & a happy , healthy 2010 to all !!! and I mean ALL ...

***Think for a moment....Is the "eating more important than the knowing...or should the knowing be more important than the eating"... I personally choose the "knowing"....

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Noelle's story...

Yesterday December 7th I received an email from a girl on my rescue list. She had seen an ad on "Kijiji" (an online buying/selling site) selling a live 300lb pig to "fill your freezer".

Within 24 hrs we had bought her, arranged a truck/trailer, pick up time & a sanctuary home for the pig we nicknamed "Noelle". After the excitement of knowing this was going to have a happy ending the ultimate crash of emotions happened.

Today, December 8th I phoned the lady who was selling her to arrange the time on Saturday for pick up & she bluntly told me she was "gone"....sold to a higher bidder & already at the butcher for slaughter. I was so stunned & overcome with emotion the right words did not come...I do remember saying "karma is a bitch Donna, remember that" to her ....but wanted to say much more.

How can people be so cruel....she knew this pig could have a happy , safe home but sold her for a few extra dollars (which I would have gladly paid) to be slaughtered for a Christmas meal.

Our entire rescue network is reeling with sadness over this poor pig we never met but loved all the same.

I am only glad she is free from this world of cruelty now.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Toronto Zoo & another Elephant death...

Toronto Zoo a Dangerous Place for Elephants?
Another neighbour just died, in her prime. Tara, a 41 year old African Elephant, died on the last day of November, at the Toronto Zoo, near where I live. Okay, not a next door neighbour, but I feel as though I knew her as I sketched and photographed her and simply watched her, many times. She is the third elephant to die there in the last 14 months!
The Toronto Zoo has told the media that elephants only live about 40 to 45 years. This from the same industry that claims part of its raison d'ĂȘtre is to educate the public about wild animals. Then zoos should tell the truth. In Kenya . elephants have been known to give birth in their 50s. Elephants in the wild live well into their 60s or longer, and an Asian elephant has lived to age 86.
Tessa, Tequila, Tantor, Toronto, and TW are other elephants who died well before their time at the Toronto Zoo. In fact, friends of mine who track captive elephants predicted Tanya's passing when Tessa, at age 39, died six months ago. And they have, sadly, predicted more of my elephant neighbours dying in the next little while, as all have reached not maturity, as the Toronto Zoo would have us believe, but are middle aged, and therefore about as old as captive elephants can expect to survive.
For some species, zoo life can be free of hunger, predation and other problems faced in the wild, and as a result, there are a few animals, a dwarf crocodile at Toronto Zoo, for example, whose captive life exceeds what would probably be expected for a wild counterpart. But not many species, most emphatically not including elephants.
While the local media was reporting Tara's untimely death, it failed to report that India, where the Asian elephant is a native species, had just decided that no elephants should ever be kept in captivity. It is morally irresponsible.
And while zoos and refuges can breed and release a relatively small range of endangered species, that does not apply to elephants. The world's zoo elephants are not put into the wild, nor would that serve any conservation purpose even if they could be. Breeding is something wild elephants do very well when protected in the wild.
The money spent (or, in Toronto, that will be spent if the idea of increasing the indoor elephant holding area's size goes ahead) by zoos would go so much further in conserving elephants if donated to efforts to reduce elephant poaching and fight the demand for ivory that thousands of animals could survive wild and free where they belong, for every pathetic specimen in zoos and circuses.
There are viable elephant sanctuaries where elephants could be sent to live a semblance of natural life in social groupings, and maybe have a chance at truly surviving to full maturity.
A blog by Barry Kent MacKay.

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Ladies are Home...

The hens arrived late last evening during the pouring rain. A nice couple, Taunya & Mike, made the long journey to pick up the ladies & bring them to their new home. The girls settled in quickly,picking , scratching & making their cute clucking noises as they explored their new digs!
I can hardly wait until my day off work this week to spend more time with them!
Notice how beautiful they look now with their lovely feathers!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The girls are arriving today!

The rescue hens from Cobble Hill are arriving today! They have been at Cobble Hill now for about 2 months & are ready for their new lives here!
We have their stall all set up with lots of straw, nesting areas, perch's, feed & water containers. I have never had hens before so this will be a learning experience!
Here is a photo of when they arrived at Cobble Hill in September from their factory farm hell.
I will take some "after" pictures in the next couple of days & post them here.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Valentine's B-Day!!

Today is our first pig, Valentine's 12th birthday!!! I can't believe it has been 12 years since our little (165 lbs !!) baby was born!
Little did we know what getting her would bring into our lives...a blessing for me , perhaps not so much for my husband! LOL... Either way it sure has changed our lives.
I am happy to say Valentine is a healthy, active pig who has taken to living outside with such gusto! She spent the first years in the house but when we had the large outdoor heated house built we thought we would try her out there....she loves it !!!
I am sure all the other critters will wish her a very Happy Birthday & "thank you" for being born because now we all have a forever home...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Jumbo is free...

Victory! It has taken over three decades of campaigning, determination and wishful thinking, but after 32 years of being cruelly confined inside the back of a truck, Jumbo, the aging female African circus elephant is free. SAFE began its campaign to free Jumbo and other circus animals over 25 years ago and has constantly challenged touring national and international circuses with exotic animals. The release of Jumbo from the Loritz Circus spells the end of a sad era which once saw baboons, lions, tigers, monkeys, a camel and Jumbo the elephant touring under big tops throughout New Zealand. "SAFE is absolutely thrilled that Jumbo is now on her way to becoming a free elephant. SAFE has been working with the SPCA and Franklin Zoo in an effort to secure Jumbo, so is delighted that her transition from the circus to an elephant sanctuary has begun," says SAFE campaign director Hans Kriek. "Jumbo has been a sad case of animal exploitation for over 30 years and SAFE has been committed to getting her out of the circus. It has been no small effort and with the aid of the SPCA Jumbo is now on her way to a more deserving life," says Mr Kriek. SAFE has been leading the campaign to make New Zealand circus-animal free. In 1999, SAFE staged a high-profile rescue and relocation of two circus chimpanzees to an African primate sanctuary and reached an agreement with the circus to never have exotic animals again. SAFE and the SPCA mounted a massive campaign against the Great International Moscow circus in 1992 that resulted in it being the last international circus to ever visit New Zealand. SAFE says the release of Jumbo from the circus could not be a better Christmas gift. "Jumbo has been deprived the company of her own kind for almost her entire life. Finally Jumbo has an opportunity to be relocated to an elephant sanctuary so she can socialise with other elephants, and SAFE will do anything in its power to ensure she retires in the best home possible for ex-circus elephants. It's the greatest and quite possibly the largest Christmas gift imaginable," says Mr Kriek.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Protest /Banning Dog & Cat fur importing into Canada

Event: Ban Dog and Cat Fur in Canada! Every year over 2 million dogs and cats are killed for their fur in China Usually raised on breeding farms but also kept tethered outside of family dwellings, these animals endure cramping, severe weather conditions and are often deprived of food and water. Family pets are also stolen. The Canadian government has been importing Chinese furs for years, most of which arrive in this country unlabeled. There are no labeling laws for fur in Canada! Cat and dog fur is easily dyed to resemble other species. It is mostly used as trim for coats, gloves, boots and even trinkets and cat toys! If you wear fur or fur trimmed clothing, it could very well be a cat or dog! Tell your friends! Say NO to fur and stop supporting this horrific trade! Please join us to educate the public and collect signatures to urge our government to ban the import of cat and dog fur once and for all!

PROTEST: Ban Dog and Cat Fur in Canada
WHEN: Saturday, November 21, 2009 from 1 - 3 pm
Start Time: Saturday, November 21 at 1:00pm
End Time: Saturday, November 21 at 3:00pm
Where: North East corner of Queen and Spadina, Toronto

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Christmas is coming...

Christmas is fast approaching ...where does the year go?? I just wanted to share the cute Christmas cards we had made up this year. Each one features a different "Snooters" animal in their Christmas hats! The card is blank inside just waiting for your own personal message & has the "Snooters" logo & site address on the back.
Show your friends & family how you care about & support rescue animals!
A pkg of 10 (with envelopes) is $12.99 (plus shipping).
Visit the web site to see other products that would be great for Christmas/holiday gifts!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hearts on Noses needs your help....

My friend & fellow sanctuary operator is in need of help.
Janice runs "Hearts on Noses" completely on her own. Recently Janice was forced to sell her property in Mapleridge, BC & has bought a lovely piece of property 20 mins away in Mission BC. The help required is to move all her animals safely to their new home. The move is taking place this weekend (Nov 14) & will continue for several weeks. All the animals houses need to be moved as well. If you know anyone in BC who could possibly spare a few hours, a day or 2 & use of their car/truck/trailer please email them!!
Here is Janice's email

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A day with friends...

Yesterday was a beautiful autumn day here in Ontario...warm & sunny! My dear friend Kristi & I made the trip to visit another very dear friend, Marianne, at her sanctuary .
Marianne & I met about 5 years ago through a pig rescue & have been friends ever since!
Marianne & Ben have a lovely piece of property & about 25 pigs (pots & big pigs), 2 horses, many dogs(!), cats, ducks, parrots....I hope I didn't leave anyone out!
We talked (& talked....& talked...!!), went for a nice walk to visit the pigs in the fields.
The apple tree still had some apples on the branches so Marianne & Kristi shook most of the apples down & the pigs had a big feast!! It was so funny to watch them running from all over to join in the unexpected afternoon snack!
All in all a great day with friends!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Puggles arrives...

We picked up little "Puggles" yesterday from the dog rescue. She is a 10 year old pug/chihuahua cross who was used in a puppy mill down in Ohio for her entire life. Now unable to produce puppies she was discarded.
When she arrived at the rescue in June she could not even stand. This was due to a lifetime of living in a small cage, leaving her back legs with no muscle control. Fortunately after some rehab at the rescue she can walk , not well, but at least gets around!
Puggles is blind in one eye & I don't think she sees well from the other either. She was never housebroken (didn't need to be in a cage) so that is a work in progress.
The poor little thing just walks in circles but seems to love life just the same. She loves to snuggle & eats like a piggy!! Oh & howls to get up at 5:30am....doesn't understand this daylight saving thing...LOL!
We will make sure she has a good life here with us for her remaining years!
Welcome to Snooters , Puggles!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our Web Store is now open...

Our web site is now fully up & running!! Please take a few moments to read about our gang, sign the guestbook, become a member & shop in our "store".
100% of the proceeds go to helping the animals!
Check back often as new products & info will be added on a regular basis!

Thanks from all of us here at "Snooters" !!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

We lost a friend at Hoofers Haven...

When I first got Valentine (our very first pig) I met via the internet a lovely lady who ran the only potbellied pig sanctuary in Canada. Her name is IIona & along with her husband Ellis, they run Hoofers Haven in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Like all of us they sacrifice much of their own money to keep all the pigs happy & healthy. 
A few years ago Ellis was diagnosed with cancer & after several surgeries and treatment Ellis was recently given the "all clear" from cancer!!! Tragically Ellis died very suddenly of a heart attack last week.
This leaves IIona on her own to care for & fund the sanctuary. This is a time in her life she should be retired & relaxing, but instead must work full time to make ends meet. They have not taken in any animals for several years (due to their age & health) but still have an aging herd to care for.
PLEASE if you can spare a few dollars for a donation to Hoofers Haven it would be so very much appreciated!
Paypal to
IIona Osbourne
Hoofers Haven
641 Barrie Dr
Thunder Bay, On
P7C 5N5

New Electrical !!!

We saved up & are finally able to get an electrician out to bury the cables & get plugs right to all the big pig houses & water troughs!
For years now we have run extension cords from the barn to the houses for their infrared overhead heaters plus cords to the 3 water trough heaters....quite the tangled mess trying to get them all on separate circuits so they don't "trip" when the weather is cold & the heat on high.
Well, this year we will not have to worry about that....each house will have its own GFI plug ! Funny how things like this excite me now...LOL!
One more thing off the list of things to do here! Yeah!
** picture of what we have to look forward to....but with NO extension cords !**

IGNORE the above post..the electrician just called & cancelled....I guess it is extension cords again this year...why can't anyone just do what they say they are going to do!!....very disappointing ;(
Yeah!! PPS... we found an electrician & the work is done!! No more extension cords to be seen! Thank goodness we have had good weather so late into November...everything worked out great in the end!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

World Farm Animal Day

We had a wonderful day yesterday spreading the word about farm animals & veganism! It was a nice , sunny day with lots of traffic (both cars & foot) at the intersection we were set up at. Lots of pamphlets handed out, and people spoken to about the cause ! 
What a nice bunch of people doing the demo! If this is any indication of the young people in our world ,I think we (& the animals) will be okay one day!
Take a look under "links of interest" for all the photos. This was organized by Jamie who did a great job!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our new girls....

I was contacted by a lady who does "battery cage" hen rescues asking if we could take in some hens. We decided to take 4 girls into our Snooters home. The rescue took place the end of September but the hens will stay at her place until rehabbed...probably the end of November. They were a rough looking bunch with no feathers & terrified of people (no wonder!). This rescue farm has foster home teens come to care for the helps both the teens & the hens to appreciate each other....excellent idea I think!
The picture attached is of some of the hens in their little coats to keep them warm (they have no feathers!).Apparently small feathers are coming in already! I am excited to get the girls next month & have named them "Paula, Joan, Georgia & Ringo" !!!! 
My dear friend Kristi has come up with a great logo for our sanctuary....I just love it!! We will get some shirts, hats etc done up for fundraising....take a look & see what you think!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Storybook Farm Primate Sanctuary....Peace Day

What a beautiful warm , sunny September day for a visit to "Storybook Farms".  
Storybook Farm is a sanctuary to primates who have been rescued from roadside zoos, private homes & research facilities. Yesterday was "Peace Day", a celebration & hope for peace for all primates...part of the Jane Goodall Institute.
Kristi, Marianne, Vanessa & I had a nice day & enjoyed seeing the primates & hearing their stories.
We came home to visit with our guys who always enjoy the attention & company! Vanessa had not been here before & loved seeing our big guys who nicely blew mud in their direction manners!
We enjoyed dinner together & said our good-byes! A good day...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Our Trip to Farm Sanctuary and The Tusk & Bristle

Our long awaited trip to New York to visit our friend Carol at "The Tusk and Bristle" and then onto "Farm Sanctuary" has come & gone in a flash....but what a great time we had!!
Sherry, Kim & myself started out very early Friday morning & headed down to Carols (about a 5 hour drive). We visited with her many pigs of all types, breeds & sizes for several hours. The big hit was her new "babies"...a warthog named "Suzie" & a bearded pig named "Ellie" who are both about 4 months old. What friendly fascinating little girls they are! Another friend, Dawn, came with her Kune Kune pigs and we were able to cuddle with those babies as well. Mary came out to dinner with us after our fun filled "pig" day! With much regret we said out good byes for another year and headed down to Farm Sanctuary (2.5 hr drive). 
We arrived in the dark & rain to Farm Sanctuary but where like kids on Christmas eve! The B & B cabins were lovely & the bed welcoming after our long day! At sunrise I was up & looking out at the fields full of animals grazing in the misty rain...a beautiful sight!! We met 2 people who came to help volunteer with chores for the day. Steve, is from New Jersey & Eliza from Georgia.
We had just met but you would think we had been friends for years! Animal people seem to be like that...easy to be friends with.
We had a great tour of the farm & met with lots of wonderful animals. The sheep & goats were so friendly & would line up for their pats & hugs! The cows are so big, but such gentle souls.The chickens, roosters, geese & the big friendly turkey showing us his beautiful tail feathers! Then of course the PIGS!! What fun petting & watching all of them just "be pigs"....sleep, root, graze....simple things, but something most pigs cannot dream to do. 
We all went out to dinner in Watkins Glen.We talked & laughed about everything! Good vegan food , good wine & good company!
The next day was beautiful & sunny but our day to return home. After a last walk around to say goodbye we started on our journey home to see our own family of animals!
**All the pictures I took from both places are in the "Links of Interest" to the right of the page...please take a few minutes to "meet" everyone we did!**
A magical place that I will definitely be returning to....

Saturday, September 5, 2009

any new comers...

Hi, I just wanted to tell any newcomers to our blog to scroll down & start at the bottom so you can meet all our gang here at Snooters !!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mighty Momma Mouse

We are doing some major clean outs & repairs of the big pigs houses the last few days...getting ready for winter. Our friend Ben (contractor) came out to help us !
Yesterday was Forrest & Earls house & what a mess to clean out! During the "clean out" this little mouse ran out the door ....I thought "oh no, I hope she doesn't have babies in here"....sure enough I found about 10 little new born babies in the straw. I carefully picked them up & took them out of the pig area & placed them under some hay & put a piece of wood over them like a lean-to.
I was hoping their Momma would find them, but I had my doubts because they were now a little ways from the original spot.
Sure enough this morning they were all gone (&  the wood piece was not moved) so I don't think anything else got to them.
She must have been watching us & went to them when we left...I think that is a very smart mouse & a good Momma!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

visitors at the farm....

This weekend we had some visitors come stay here at Snooters. These are friends of mine from public school....we have known each other for over 45 yrs...yikes!!
For the past several summers they come out to visit, eat, drink wine & see the animals...always a pleasant combo! 
This weekend was very hot and sunny, so we enjoyed a nice day. The pigs entertained everyone with their mud wallow diving & blowing bubbles in the water! Always good ambassadors!  It was Gracie's 4th birthday so Brian gave her 1/2 a beer (she loves beer!) 
We had an entirely vegan dinner & everyone enjoyed it (or said so anyway!) Visiting here has had an effect on them by seeing & learning about the pigs. No one eats pork anymore so that is a very positive step!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

In honor of our "Trix"....

We had planned this dinner out with friends prior to our Trixie's passing. It was to be a "thank you" dinner for our dear friends who have gone above & beyond with their help for Trixie & her mobility issues. This dinner turned out to be a celebration of her life instead ! 
It is just so nice to be out with people who totally & completely understand your love & devotion for your animals! No having to explain WHY pigs are so special or WHY you don't eat meat or WHY you can't always get away.....they just know !
These are people who have come into our lives because of the pigs...we would never have had the pleasure of their friendship had it not been for our common "pig obsession " & situations throwing us together. These are people who we know can be called at a moments notice to help in a crisis & who, I hope, also know we would drop everything to help them out as well. It is comforting to know friendships like this exist.
We had a lovely dinner & a special toast to our girl, Trixie ! How many pigs have a dinner in their honor (& are not the main course  ;(  ...sorry, I just had to add that !)
Thanks Kim, Roy, Marianne & Ben for everything!

Monday, August 3, 2009

awww that feels nice.....

Yesterday I was trimming some grass & happened to notice that "Roy" had a little tag along friend on his of those large black birds !
 Roy was standing VERY still out in the paddock with this bird walking up & down his back! I could see his mohawk going up & pretty well knew what was coming next....sure enough "bam" down he went on his side into "belly rub"position! Unfortunately the bird does not understand this silly pig behaviour & flew away! 
So there is Roy laying on the ground with no belly rubbing bird to be seen....he quickly gets up looking almost embarrassed & walks away...LOL!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the sound of silence...

I woke up to yet another rainy day ! The paddocks are so muddy...I hope it can dry up soon. The rain was so hard I waited to go out to feed until it let up a little. Of course by this time they were "hungry hippos" & very vocal about this delay! 
I quickly fed first the cats, bunny, then horses...the big pigs noses to the gate & loudly saying "feed us first!"
 After everyone was fed I sat down to listen to the silence....well , sort of silence...there is that hum of munching with the occasional satisfied "grunt"...quite the enjoyable sound I must say ;)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

oh Earl.....

Just another morning doing the feeding.
 Flossy is in heat so tends to go off her food for a couple of days. She ate about 1/2 & then walked away. Her herd mate , Poppy, is a little on the chubby side so we do not let her finish the food.
 Instead Brian picked it up & took it over to Forrest (who is on the thinner side). Forrest was enjoying this "extra" treat when his bully brother, Earl, came over to ruin the fun!
 Earl pushes poor Forrest out of the way & starts to eat up the leftovers. Brian sees this & is coming over to "rescue" Forrest when Earl picks up the bowl (food & all) and RUNS into the forest area...not spilling a morsel . Brian yelling "Earl, drop the bowl !!" of course he does not obey this command & finishes the food before Brian could locate him & the bowl in the forest! Little (BIG) brat!...but smart !

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

they just don't understand....

We have been using the same Vet for many years. He does small animals as well as farm animals which is very helpful to us. He has come to our house 5 times over the years to help our dogs go to Rainbow bridge...we always get a lovely "Sympathy" card with a donation sent in the animals name to Guelph University/animal science department.
Today I received the bill for Trixie's euthanasia  ($277 for him being here all of 15 mins) but that is not the point....NO card saying sorry for your loss, NO donation in her name...only "PIG" euthanasia. He knows what our pigs mean to us & saw our overwhelming grief at the loss of Trixie but she is only a "PIG"...not worthy of sympathy like a dog or cat.
I called to pay the bill over the phone & so wanted to say something but knew I would be perceived as being the "crazy pig lady"...mostly we can't make an enemy of this vet as they are few & far between, the ones that will even treat pigs.
It just saddens me to know that so many other people do not find the specialness (is that a word?!) in these amazing animals!
 Trixie deserved a sympathy card & donation in her name...damn it , I will send one myself. Why am I crying again....

Sunday, July 12, 2009

another day in the life of...

We had a storm here last night which knocked out the power for 6 hours...thank goodness for the generator to keep the sump pumps going! A couple of tree limbs down but no major damage.
Today was a sunny but cool, breezy day (my kind of weather!). All the pigs seemed to enjoy it well as the horses who like the breeze keeping the flys away!
I watched the peafowl "playing" was pretty funny as I am sure they were playing "tag"! One would run around a bush with the other in hot pursuit & then would stop & go the other direction stopping to "peek" around the bush looking for the other. This went on for about 10 mins...very funny to watch! It is past mating time so I really think it was a game!I believe birds are far more intelligent then we give them credit for! You just have to listen to those black birds "talk" to each other...even the peafowl will look "up" when they do a certain warning "call" & sure enough the hawk is flying over shortly after!
The geese are just starting to teach their young to fly....they were practicing on the front lawn today. They would run, flap, get a little "air" & then try again! There is one little guy/gal I call "Tiny Tim" who is 1/2 the size of the others but still tries everything they do!
Katie (potbellied pig) is our old gal (15 yrs)she amazes me everyday when she goes out for her walk-a-bout after supper. She is basically blind & deaf but finds her way out & back without a problem. Today she even found the pile of fresh hay I put out at the very back of the area! Such an amazing pig who I adore!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Final resting place....

It has been 2 weeks since we put our Trixie to rest. I cannot tell you how much she is missed here. Walking past her empty stall is agonizing.
All of our animal friends are laid to rest at a nice spot down the lane way by the apple tree. We post their name signs on the tree. 
Last year we purchased a swing seat & go down there to sit, relax & "visit" with the gang....very peaceful !
It never gets easier losing a dear friend...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

cutting the grass ....laughing at the pigs!

Today was a nice day (or turned out to be) a little cool but breezy & sunny!
 I was doing the grass trimming around the paddocks & for some reason this gets Poppy & Flossy going wild! 
They run , spin & flop into the mud wallows over & over !! Next time I will have my camera with me....but today I just watched & laughed. By the time I finished trimming & came to get my camera they were sound asleep in their houses....all covered in mud!
So if I couldn't get some shots of Poppy & Flossy I headed into Forrest & Earls area....they get excited when I go in there & "oof...oof" at the top of their lungs when they see me!
They went into the mud pit area (which resembles the surface of the moon !) & flopped into one of the wallows...the mud there has a lot of clay so they come out grey(but happy!) at the end. 
All in all an enjoyable "working" day for all of us !

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Avian facial & pedicure....

Today we took our Gonzo (yellow fronted Amazon parrot) to the specialty Vet for his 6 mth beak trim & nail trim. We have been going to the same place twice a year now for 17 would think Gonzo would have grown accustom to this trip by now!! But NO it is a fight to get him in his carrier & the squawking while at the Vet is ridiculous!
He is home now & looks wonderful ....for another 6 mths!
Yesterday we power washed his cage outside while he watched through the window...all in all a stressful 2 days for the poor fella!
The sun has come out & according to the forecast will be staying with us for several days...yeah! Everything is so wet from all this rain.
** picture is pre-facial !! **

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

rain, sun, rain, sun....

The last few days have been so strange weather wise. Every morning is sunny & then out of nowhere it POURS & POURS....then the sun comes out for a half hour  & the rain starts all over again! Hard to get anything done & there is always lots to do !
I fed the piggies during one of these "sunny" times only it was shorter lived than normal & down came the rain while they where eating....some very wet but full bellies!
This evening after yet another downpour I saw this beautiful rainbow outside! I swear the end of the rainbow was right in our horse paddock. By the time I got out there someone had stolen the pot of gold....damn....could really have used that gold about now !!! LOL 

Monday, June 29, 2009

the tee-pee....

Our neighbours are Scottish but somehow have tracked their ancestry back to native Indian culture....strange, I know!
A couple of summers ago they began to have Pow-wows on their property along with a sweat lodge. During the summer almost every weekend we hear the soft sound of drums & chanting late into the  night and at sunrise. Very soothing...I love it ! They even host native weddings ! Very cool! My 3 yr old granddaughter always asks where the "pee-pee" is ...LOL!

Friday, June 26, 2009

the human family...

Thought I should say a little about my human family before they give me the gears about the animals getting all the "press"...LOL !
Brian, my husband of almost 20 yrs who is the co-caregiver here at "Snooters". Without his help it would be very difficult, if not impossible to run our place smoothly. Fortunately he loves the animals as much as I do !
Angela my oldest daughter is married to Dony & has a daughter (my Granddaughter !!) Alyssa, who is 3 1/2 yrs old. They also share their home with 2 Bulldogs...Rosie & Scooby.
Sarah is my youngest & lives out in BC with her "baby" Maisy, a 8 mth old Shar-pei!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

the pond family....

We are lucky enough to have 2 rather large ponds on our property. One further away & one right behind our house. I love to sit & watch the pond creatures go about their daily tasks! 
We have a blue heron who fishes here almost every morning, a hawk who comes by for one of the large gold fish in the pond , many paint turtles & some weasel looking fella who drops in for a visit once in awhile, the Canada geese family & a duck family.
This morning I noticed this large turtle making its way across our lawn heading towards the pond ...I went out & it was the same old gal we took to the other pond last week! She is very old (about 2 feet in diameter) and covered in moss....she definitely wanted in the "house"pond. She is a snapper so I really didn't want her out here with the ducks , geese & our dogs swimming but there was no stopping her (without loosing a finger or two!)Hopefully the fish will keep her well fed & she leaves the others alone.
It has been very hot the last few days....fortunately the pigs have shade to keep them cool. We fill their wallows with cool water daily (doesn't stay cool long) but it is still hard on them...and us! I just can't take this heat anymore, it is so draining! I will be complaining about winter too when it comes..LOL!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Run like the wind, Baby Girl.....

Just 2 days ago I posted about hoping to not add to the "Rainbow bridge gang" anytime soon and here I am typing out this post about our dear girl "Trixie". 
Trixie was born with only 3 legs and it has been a struggle to keep her happy & healthy. 
With the help of our vet Trixie made the journey to Rainbow bridge yesterday (June 21 2009).

I cannot begin to express how much we will miss her...she has been such a huge part of our lives since she came here at 5 weeks of age. I would never have imagined she would live to be 3 yrs old!

I will miss going into the barn with the usual "morning baby girl" & her answering with a soft "grunt"....her daily sponge baths with her nub of a tail wagging a mile a minute....the apple treats only she got mid afternoon....and the goodnight kiss on her snout , "goodnight, I love you baby girl"....."grunt" she would say....that is what I will miss the most of all.

She was very special & our lives have been enriched by her living here.

Good night baby girl....I will see you again.....