Saturday, July 24, 2010

Snooters News

A few new things happening here at Snooters!
Our 11 yr old Lab/Rottie "Riley" had his knee (ACL) surgery done. It went very well & he is recouping nicely at home. Poor Riley has 5 weeks of staying in the house & only going out for pee/poops on leash....he is used to running about so this is not easy for him !
Last weekend we saw our first pee chicks born (other than poor little Peeper )....Mama peahen was marching around showing them off....2 very cute little ones!
The families of Canada Geese are getting bigger. One family (the first ones born) did their first fly around the pond today....honking in delight !
It has been very hot here for the past few weeks....the animals all lay low to stay cool. The pigs lounge in the mud wallows & cool forest. The calfs & horses lay under the trees & enjoy when I give them a spray of cool water.
We have a busy week of visitors coming up so everyone will get lots of attention!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ashli & Norman move in...

Today was move in day for Ashli & Norman the rescued bull calfs! Ashli arrived here about 9 weeks ago & Norman about 6 weeks, rescued from the dairy industry. On their way to slaughter at 2 days of age they now have their forever home here at Snooters!
The paddock fenced area & shelter were built last month & we were just waiting for them to recoup from their castration & horn debudding. All is done & in they moved this morning!

We walked them over to the new area & they ran, jumped and ran some more for about 15 mins! They seem to like it just fine! I tucked them in & closed the door about 830pm while they munched on some grain & fresh water. The area looks great from all the volunteers painting the fence & shelter last month...thank you!

I told them they never have to move again!!