Monday, July 12, 2010

Ashli & Norman move in...

Today was move in day for Ashli & Norman the rescued bull calfs! Ashli arrived here about 9 weeks ago & Norman about 6 weeks, rescued from the dairy industry. On their way to slaughter at 2 days of age they now have their forever home here at Snooters!
The paddock fenced area & shelter were built last month & we were just waiting for them to recoup from their castration & horn debudding. All is done & in they moved this morning!

We walked them over to the new area & they ran, jumped and ran some more for about 15 mins! They seem to like it just fine! I tucked them in & closed the door about 830pm while they munched on some grain & fresh water. The area looks great from all the volunteers painting the fence & shelter last month...thank you!

I told them they never have to move again!!

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