Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Please read & participate....


Phone 416-861-4999

It will take you less than one minute! Each call statistically speaks for over 100 people. And you will feel good knowing that you did something for the animals.

Please contact the Bay during business hours (9am to 5pm) on Friday February 26th and let them know that you want them stop selling fur.

Be polite
Be direct
Be concise.

Phone numbers:
(this is for Ontario, but you can find the Bay near you by searching according to your province)
Ask to speak to the store manager.

CALL THE HEAD OFFICE AS WELL: 416-861-4999 ask to speak with Bonnie Brooks (She is the CEO of the Bay)

(Note: it is easier to get through to the right person if you don't lecture the operator/receptionist who answers the phone; just ask to speak with Bonnie Brooks without saying anything about fur. Don't be afraid to give your name, you are not doing anything wrong! And if you get a voicemail: leave a message)


This activism alert is part of two "days of action" that we will be doing every month during the winter. On Friday, February 26th we are asking everyone to email and call the Bay and on Saturday, February 27th we are organizing a day of physical protest (please see the event here:

The Bay in Toronto has continued its fur sale and has reduced prices from 40 - 60% off: they are having a difficult time selling these coats. The Bay in Burlington is in the same position.

Tell the bay in your own words how you feel about them selling fur.

What do I say?

"Could I please get a complaint logged?... I would like the Bay to know that I do not support their sale of animal fur, and as a customer of the Bay, I would like them to stop selling all animal furs in their stores."

But I'm shy?

This is understandable. No need to speak for hours or to make a speech, just tell them how you feel in your own words

Thanks to wonderful compassionate people like you, we will win!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A note of Thanks...

I thought this was the best place to post a big "thank you" to all who donated to "Snooters Farm Animal Sanctuary" at the RR refuge fundraiser on Tuesday night. We are a small sanctuary that does all we can with our limited funds, space & time. We simply adore our animal family & strive to do the best we can for them...forever! It warms our hearts to see others feel the same as we do about farm animals. We all loved Ashli & will miss her physical presence but I feel we all have an amazing helper in her spirit. I hope we can meet all of you one day & show off our gang here at "Snooters". Thank you again!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pudge from Georgia

A little background on this story... I received (via our web site) an email from "Elizabeth" asking for help in placing "Pudge" a young farm pig found wandering the streets of Athens , Georgia. Pudge was quite beat up looking, it was thought perhaps she fell from a truck on the way to either a "finishing farm" or slaughter house.
I opened up the link she sent me & this beautiful, but pathetic pig was staring back at me. Some one had put those barbaric rings in her snoot (to stop rooting!).The snoot of a pig is their most sensitive spot!
I immediately posted on our "pig network" list & Lydia was all over it!! She was going to foster her & then a full time home was found at a Florida sanctuary. The rings would be removed & she would be spayed & vet checked. Perfect!
The problem was Lydia could not get a hold of the shelter in time! Some "young boys" came to claim her...saying she was theirs (no proof was given). They paid the "large" fine ( the shelters words , not mine) of $80 & off they went.
For 2 days we have been trying to get anyone to give these boys our numbers so we could offer to buy her but no one will.
I went on their shelter "forum" explaining my disapproval for this entire process & was met with...."she is only a pig", "bred for meat"...blah, blah, blah ! I politely sent them some sites on farming & was told I didn't know what I was talking about....meat farms are great, compassionate places! One person even said "perhaps in Canada it is still not humane but in Georgia they are fine" (quotes are not exact as I am no longer on this forum).
Then in one last desperate move I offered money to anyone who could put me in touch with the "owners"....yikes, I am surprised secret service didn't show up at my door! The thread on the forum was quickly frozen & I was "warned". I just "signed out" permanently.
Anyway, the ending is not hopeful & this saddens me....
I did "meet" 2 lovely ladies (who are not affiliated with the Athens shelter) but does try to network for the animals posted on the site.
I hope the very best for "Pudge" but fear the worst.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pigs in Peril Find Forever Homes at Snooters Sanctuary

Pigs in Peril Find Forever Homes at Snooters Sanctuary

The world lost a great animal advocate...

Ashli Taylor was a charming young woman who I met only twice . Ashli had a smile that just lit up the room. She was very well voiced on animal rights issues & stood by her convictions. A vegan for 18 years & proud of it !
Ashli was the one who first brought to my attention the "fill your freezer" live pig on the Kijij list. Along with her & many others , within 24 hours we had a home, money raised, transport & a name "Noelle" (it was Christmas time). The day I called & found out Noelle had been sold to someone else & was all ready at the butcher shop, Ashli was the first person I tears.
She called the "lady" who did this & spoke to her in a way I could not have...she got her points across without swearing or name calling (something I could not have done at the time), she was a young woman who was mature beyond her years. As I continued to rant about what had happened during the next few days Ashli just simply said "Susan, don't give these people anymore of your time...just let go & move on...they don't deserve it" was a girl young enough to be my daughter giving me this amazing advise. This is something I will always hear when other things occur in my life. Thanks for that Ashli.
Whatever your beliefs are I choose to think of her in heaven taking care of all the animals at Rainbow Bridge....especially Noelle who was so close to being rescued.
Thanks Ashli for all you have accomplished in your young life...your family should (and I am sure are) very proud of you !

Monday, February 8, 2010

Nothing to report....

I like to post something at least once a week but to be honest I have nothing to report!! This happens to be a good thing in my mind ! Everyone is happy, healthy & comfortable, even with these very cold temps we have been having here in Ontario.
Today the sun is shining again & the shadows reflecting off the beautiful white snow is quite the sight!
Yesterday, even though the temp was only -8c at the best Gracie was sunning herself outside her house...she even had a bit of a pink/sunburned belly at supper time! The peafowl find the most sheltered, sunny spots to spend the day & warm up for the cold night, right now they are on the porch outside the window but will move with the sun! Ally is outside doing her "business" but also rooting away in the snow. Little Puggles is at my feet saying "pick me up please"...and I will after posting this.
So in ending all is well with the least "this world"!!