Sunday, January 30, 2011

Home Sweet Home Penny!

Our newest rescue arrived today via Bob & Sherry from Ruby Ranch pig sanctuary. Penelope was the product of a broken home. She sustained a severe front leg injury after being trampled by a horse over a year ago.
We learned about her about a week ago & offered up a home. "Penny" is a (approx)3 year old potbellied pig. She arrived this afternoon & settled in nicely. I always feel so bad for them as she is leaving the only home she has ever known....good or bad. It will take some time for her to feel comfortable .
Penny is in one of the stalls in the barn for now but will move out to Katie's old house in the spring so she can have free access to the outdoors. She ate , took treats & is all buried in the blankets & straw as I type this. Penny will do just fine at Snooters.....we will care for & love her always!
Welcome Penny!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

It is COLD here....

Okay, I know it is January in Canada so I should not be surprised at the -20c temps BUT I still hate it !!!
I worry about the gang outside. They all have heated houses but I still worry about them all.

Today was one of those cold but bright blue sky days....took some pics & did enjoy the time spent outside with everyone.
On the "up" side winter is almost half over!

Now for my pet peeve (one of many!) I cannot believe how many of those stupid "Canada Goose Coats" I have been seeing. Young, old, male, female , if doesn't seem to matter. I really thought (foolishly) that people had evolved & were actually not wearing fur because of the cruelty. I guess not, as these ugly coats are everywhere. For those of you who are not familiar with them.....they are goose down filled coats with coyote trim on the hoods. The cost of wearing these ugly things is between $300 - $600 depending on the style. Sadly, they are very trendy.
I guess people just do not think about the geese being plucked alive & the coyotes in traps suffering sometimes for days before the trapper makes his way back to check. They DON'T but they SHOULD !! I always give a sneer & dirty look as they walk by....sometimes saying out loud how horrible it is to wear something so cruel. I think I might make up some pamphlets to hand out to these ignorant people.
Stepping off my soapbox now....

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year...New Hopes....

Let me first start off with a very Happy New Year to all !!! Wishing you all a happy, healthy 2011 !!!

I want to thank everyone who supports us physically, financially & most importantly emotionally.
This year has seen many changes to Snooters. We had our first ( & second) volunteer days.We have set up a web site & have been fundraising with much success! We have met some wonderful people who share our values....who we now call, with pride, "friends" !

We have lost a few of our animal family....the (first) rescue hens, our beloved old gal" Katie" (pig), our new hen "Tiny" & our very loved puppy mill rescue Chi/pug "Puggles".....losing loved ones is always hard & we treasure their memories forever. The animal rights community lost a very special member in February of 2010. Ashli Taylor (who our calf "Ashli" is named after) was killed in a truck accident. Ashli was a very special girl who I only met twice but immediately connected with. Ashli loved "Snooters" (although she never had the chance to visit)....I do feel she "visits" in a different way now .....I believe she watches over us .

In 2010 we saw the rescue of "Ashli & Norman", the calf's who came to us at 3 days old from the cruel dairy industry ...they are such wonderful additions to the sanctuary! We now have 3 more rescue battery cage hens who are doing so well. The first project of 2011 is to build them an awesome hen house (thanks to Ashley Archer who raised $1000 for the cause!) We will welcome 3 sheep from a research facility in Feb 2011...we look forward to meeting these gals & giving them their forever homes.
I attended many gatherings(as many as I can) for animal rights & continue to spread the word everyday to all who will lend an ear (& even to those who won't !!!)
All in all 2010 was a good year & we have high hopes for 2011 !!

Thank you everyone! We look forward to meeting new friends this year & connecting with "old" ones too!
Again, Happy New Year to ALL ....2 & 4 legged creatures!!!