Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear little Puggles.....

I am writing this a day early because I know what a mess I will be tomorrow.
Little Puggles (chi/pug) is very old (estimated to be about 14-16 yrs old). Puggles came to us in November of 2009 via a rescue we know. Puggles was brought in from the USA (Ohio) & came from a life of breeding in a puppy mill. When Puggles first arrived we determined she had very little sight, was not house trained and she would continuously walk in circles the size of a small cage .
Puggles LOVES to be cuddled & soon began sleeping in the bed with me....she would awake in the night & wiggle around in the bed until she found me....then I would get a little "lick/kiss" & off to sleep she would go. She always wants to be close.
I have never had a small dog before & she has been such a joy in our lives. I really don't know what I will do without her as we have been so close for the short time we had together.
Over the past few months she has been failing. We have had her at the vet several times but this is just a case of having a hard life & being old. She is now unable to walk, control her urine & yesterday stopped eating. It is time & we both know it. I so wanted to have her with us over Christmas but realized I was doing this more for me than her & she is suffering. So, tomorrow(Thursday) we will say good-bye.
As much as this is killing me, I would do it all again in a year with this little dog has meant so much her , but mostly to me.
R.I.P Puggles, I will see you again....

Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter is here....

The ground is covered in snow,the temps are in the minus range, the pond frozen & the hydro meter is spinning in delight from all the heat being on in the animals houses!
I had forgotten how much longer the chores take in the winter! Oh well , only 4 months to go !!

Some sad news here at Snooters. The other day I went in the barn for morning chores & found one of the chicken ladies, "Tiny", sprawled out on the cold floor far from the heat lamp. She was unconscious , I thought dead, until I saw her head move slightly as I picked her up. She was cold & stiff but alive. I ran her over to the house , put her in my laundry basket with warm blankets and a hot pack & placed her in front of the fire. Within a couple of hours she was lifting her head to look around....I was so happy she was alive!!! I gave her some warm sweet water in a syringe & let her rest by the fire. She seemed to take a turn for the worse at supper time & became more & more lethargic. Perhaps she was sick from something else & this is why she collapsed away from the warmth in the barn??
I picked her up all warmly wrapped in a blanket & cuddled her telling her how beautiful she is.
At that moment she closed her eyes and took her last breath. At least she died warm & loved. RIP dear Tiny...