Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our Web Store is now open...

Our web site is now fully up & running!! Please take a few moments to read about our gang, sign the guestbook, become a member & shop in our "store".
100% of the proceeds go to helping the animals!
Check back often as new products & info will be added on a regular basis!

Thanks from all of us here at "Snooters" !!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

We lost a friend at Hoofers Haven...

When I first got Valentine (our very first pig) I met via the internet a lovely lady who ran the only potbellied pig sanctuary in Canada. Her name is IIona & along with her husband Ellis, they run Hoofers Haven in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Like all of us they sacrifice much of their own money to keep all the pigs happy & healthy. 
A few years ago Ellis was diagnosed with cancer & after several surgeries and treatment Ellis was recently given the "all clear" from cancer!!! Tragically Ellis died very suddenly of a heart attack last week.
This leaves IIona on her own to care for & fund the sanctuary. This is a time in her life she should be retired & relaxing, but instead must work full time to make ends meet. They have not taken in any animals for several years (due to their age & health) but still have an aging herd to care for.
PLEASE if you can spare a few dollars for a donation to Hoofers Haven it would be so very much appreciated!
Paypal to
IIona Osbourne
Hoofers Haven
641 Barrie Dr
Thunder Bay, On
P7C 5N5

New Electrical !!!

We saved up & are finally able to get an electrician out to bury the cables & get plugs right to all the big pig houses & water troughs!
For years now we have run extension cords from the barn to the houses for their infrared overhead heaters plus cords to the 3 water trough heaters....quite the tangled mess trying to get them all on separate circuits so they don't "trip" when the weather is cold & the heat on high.
Well, this year we will not have to worry about that....each house will have its own GFI plug ! Funny how things like this excite me now...LOL!
One more thing off the list of things to do here! Yeah!
** picture of what we have to look forward to....but with NO extension cords !**

IGNORE the above post..the electrician just called & cancelled....I guess it is extension cords again this year...why can't anyone just do what they say they are going to do!!....very disappointing ;(
Yeah!! PPS... we found an electrician & the work is done!! No more extension cords to be seen! Thank goodness we have had good weather so late into November...everything worked out great in the end!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

World Farm Animal Day

We had a wonderful day yesterday spreading the word about farm animals & veganism! It was a nice , sunny day with lots of traffic (both cars & foot) at the intersection we were set up at. Lots of pamphlets handed out, and people spoken to about the cause ! 
What a nice bunch of people doing the demo! If this is any indication of the young people in our world ,I think we (& the animals) will be okay one day!
Take a look under "links of interest" for all the photos. This was organized by Jamie who did a great job!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our new girls....

I was contacted by a lady who does "battery cage" hen rescues asking if we could take in some hens. We decided to take 4 girls into our Snooters home. The rescue took place the end of September but the hens will stay at her place until rehabbed...probably the end of November. They were a rough looking bunch with no feathers & terrified of people (no wonder!). This rescue farm has foster home teens come to care for the helps both the teens & the hens to appreciate each other....excellent idea I think!
The picture attached is of some of the hens in their little coats to keep them warm (they have no feathers!).Apparently small feathers are coming in already! I am excited to get the girls next month & have named them "Paula, Joan, Georgia & Ringo" !!!! 
My dear friend Kristi has come up with a great logo for our sanctuary....I just love it!! We will get some shirts, hats etc done up for fundraising....take a look & see what you think!