Monday, October 19, 2009

We lost a friend at Hoofers Haven...

When I first got Valentine (our very first pig) I met via the internet a lovely lady who ran the only potbellied pig sanctuary in Canada. Her name is IIona & along with her husband Ellis, they run Hoofers Haven in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Like all of us they sacrifice much of their own money to keep all the pigs happy & healthy. 
A few years ago Ellis was diagnosed with cancer & after several surgeries and treatment Ellis was recently given the "all clear" from cancer!!! Tragically Ellis died very suddenly of a heart attack last week.
This leaves IIona on her own to care for & fund the sanctuary. This is a time in her life she should be retired & relaxing, but instead must work full time to make ends meet. They have not taken in any animals for several years (due to their age & health) but still have an aging herd to care for.
PLEASE if you can spare a few dollars for a donation to Hoofers Haven it would be so very much appreciated!
Paypal to
IIona Osbourne
Hoofers Haven
641 Barrie Dr
Thunder Bay, On
P7C 5N5

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