Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our new girls....

I was contacted by a lady who does "battery cage" hen rescues asking if we could take in some hens. We decided to take 4 girls into our Snooters home. The rescue took place the end of September but the hens will stay at her place until rehabbed...probably the end of November. They were a rough looking bunch with no feathers & terrified of people (no wonder!). This rescue farm has foster home teens come to care for the helps both the teens & the hens to appreciate each other....excellent idea I think!
The picture attached is of some of the hens in their little coats to keep them warm (they have no feathers!).Apparently small feathers are coming in already! I am excited to get the girls next month & have named them "Paula, Joan, Georgia & Ringo" !!!! 
My dear friend Kristi has come up with a great logo for our sanctuary....I just love it!! We will get some shirts, hats etc done up for fundraising....take a look & see what you think!

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  1. Congratulations on the new family members! You are doing such wonderful work for the animals and I know these ladies will pay you back with so much love.

    The new logo is awesome too! - Steve/NJ