Monday, October 19, 2009

New Electrical !!!

We saved up & are finally able to get an electrician out to bury the cables & get plugs right to all the big pig houses & water troughs!
For years now we have run extension cords from the barn to the houses for their infrared overhead heaters plus cords to the 3 water trough heaters....quite the tangled mess trying to get them all on separate circuits so they don't "trip" when the weather is cold & the heat on high.
Well, this year we will not have to worry about that....each house will have its own GFI plug ! Funny how things like this excite me now...LOL!
One more thing off the list of things to do here! Yeah!
** picture of what we have to look forward to....but with NO extension cords !**

IGNORE the above post..the electrician just called & cancelled....I guess it is extension cords again this year...why can't anyone just do what they say they are going to do!!....very disappointing ;(
Yeah!! PPS... we found an electrician & the work is done!! No more extension cords to be seen! Thank goodness we have had good weather so late into November...everything worked out great in the end!

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