Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pook is Home!

Pook is our new rescue dog.
Pook is an 11 year old Pug who was surrendered to a NY state rescue along with 9 other pugs. This was a backyard breeding operation. These pugs were not spay/neutered, had fleas, were malnourished , never vetted & some heartworm positive.
Pook was the last one to find a home. He had needed nasal surgery to open up his airways for better breathing & needed recoup time at the foster home in NY.
My daughter Angela & I drove to Buffalo yesterday to pick up the little man. We were met by this adorable older pug (Pook) with a grey head & tan could not help but smile! He sat quietly in his crate for the 3 hour drive & has settled in so nicely here at home. He has been here less than 24 hours & you would think he spent his entire life with us!
Pook is sleeping on his new big fluffy bed as I write this. We are so happy to have him here !
Welcome Pook!!!!
If you can spare a few dollars this rescue organization is amazing. They are called "Buffalo Pug & small breed rescue"

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Interesting week!

Yesterday we had a film crew out to Snooters for a show on Showcase. This show is suppose to be about the horrors of factory farming. That is why I agreed to do it. A crew of about 10 guys pulled up & I soon realized this show was much different then I had been led to believe. The host, Kenny, is a comedian (remember Kenny & Spenny?) The show is suppose to have serious topics with a "comedic flair" (the producers words). I thought "OH NO" this is going to be a joke. They were here for several hours, lots of film taken & long interviews with me. They brought in an animal communicator (in my opinion it did not go so well). I have a feeling I will be the "crazy pig lady" in this show. Live & learn....ask more questions & ask to be paid !!! Thank goodness I had 2 friends (Anouk & Sharon) here as moral support!
Today was totally different. Jo-Anne, Karol & Liz (a director/producer for documentaries) came over to take pictures of our parrot Gonzo for an upcoming documentary. It was so nice to be in the company of people who totally "get it" (animal rights that is!) . We had fun with the calfs, had lunch & good conversation. A lovely donation was left for the sanctuary for my time.
I am still waiting on our newest rescue....he is an 11 yr old pug named "Pook". He is in Buffalo & I just have to arrange to pick him up. He looks very sweet! Another puppy mill breeder ;( I will be excited to bring him home !!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Anti FUR Demos

This past weekend was filled with anti fur demos across Canada. There were 3 in the Toronto area. I attended the one on Saturday outside Holt Renfrew at Bay & Bloor. It was a great turnout , between 60-70 people! Lots of great signs & literature handed out. My only hope is that people will listen! This year has seen such an influx of fur products. I can only hope this "trend" will pass quickly.
If you see someone wearing fur, try to educate them on the cruelty involved in their fashion statement.
If they walk away, so be least YOU tried!