Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pook is Home!

Pook is our new rescue dog.
Pook is an 11 year old Pug who was surrendered to a NY state rescue along with 9 other pugs. This was a backyard breeding operation. These pugs were not spay/neutered, had fleas, were malnourished , never vetted & some heartworm positive.
Pook was the last one to find a home. He had needed nasal surgery to open up his airways for better breathing & needed recoup time at the foster home in NY.
My daughter Angela & I drove to Buffalo yesterday to pick up the little man. We were met by this adorable older pug (Pook) with a grey head & tan could not help but smile! He sat quietly in his crate for the 3 hour drive & has settled in so nicely here at home. He has been here less than 24 hours & you would think he spent his entire life with us!
Pook is sleeping on his new big fluffy bed as I write this. We are so happy to have him here !
Welcome Pook!!!!
If you can spare a few dollars this rescue organization is amazing. They are called "Buffalo Pug & small breed rescue"


  1. SMILE YES as well as Tears of Joy. He is one very lucky fellow Susan....