Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Interesting week!

Yesterday we had a film crew out to Snooters for a show on Showcase. This show is suppose to be about the horrors of factory farming. That is why I agreed to do it. A crew of about 10 guys pulled up & I soon realized this show was much different then I had been led to believe. The host, Kenny, is a comedian (remember Kenny & Spenny?) The show is suppose to have serious topics with a "comedic flair" (the producers words). I thought "OH NO" this is going to be a joke. They were here for several hours, lots of film taken & long interviews with me. They brought in an animal communicator (in my opinion it did not go so well). I have a feeling I will be the "crazy pig lady" in this show. Live & learn....ask more questions & ask to be paid !!! Thank goodness I had 2 friends (Anouk & Sharon) here as moral support!
Today was totally different. Jo-Anne, Karol & Liz (a director/producer for documentaries) came over to take pictures of our parrot Gonzo for an upcoming documentary. It was so nice to be in the company of people who totally "get it" (animal rights that is!) . We had fun with the calfs, had lunch & good conversation. A lovely donation was left for the sanctuary for my time.
I am still waiting on our newest rescue....he is an 11 yr old pug named "Pook". He is in Buffalo & I just have to arrange to pick him up. He looks very sweet! Another puppy mill breeder ;( I will be excited to bring him home !!


  1. This is So Cool! When is it going to be on?

  2. Don't know yet....will let you know (maybe??) Not sure I want anyone to see it ...LOL!