Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year...New Hopes....

Let me first start off with a very Happy New Year to all !!! Wishing you all a happy, healthy 2011 !!!

I want to thank everyone who supports us physically, financially & most importantly emotionally.
This year has seen many changes to Snooters. We had our first ( & second) volunteer days.We have set up a web site & have been fundraising with much success! We have met some wonderful people who share our values....who we now call, with pride, "friends" !

We have lost a few of our animal family....the (first) rescue hens, our beloved old gal" Katie" (pig), our new hen "Tiny" & our very loved puppy mill rescue Chi/pug "Puggles".....losing loved ones is always hard & we treasure their memories forever. The animal rights community lost a very special member in February of 2010. Ashli Taylor (who our calf "Ashli" is named after) was killed in a truck accident. Ashli was a very special girl who I only met twice but immediately connected with. Ashli loved "Snooters" (although she never had the chance to visit)....I do feel she "visits" in a different way now .....I believe she watches over us .

In 2010 we saw the rescue of "Ashli & Norman", the calf's who came to us at 3 days old from the cruel dairy industry ...they are such wonderful additions to the sanctuary! We now have 3 more rescue battery cage hens who are doing so well. The first project of 2011 is to build them an awesome hen house (thanks to Ashley Archer who raised $1000 for the cause!) We will welcome 3 sheep from a research facility in Feb 2011...we look forward to meeting these gals & giving them their forever homes.
I attended many gatherings(as many as I can) for animal rights & continue to spread the word everyday to all who will lend an ear (& even to those who won't !!!)
All in all 2010 was a good year & we have high hopes for 2011 !!

Thank you everyone! We look forward to meeting new friends this year & connecting with "old" ones too!
Again, Happy New Year to ALL ....2 & 4 legged creatures!!!

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