Monday, February 8, 2010

Nothing to report....

I like to post something at least once a week but to be honest I have nothing to report!! This happens to be a good thing in my mind ! Everyone is happy, healthy & comfortable, even with these very cold temps we have been having here in Ontario.
Today the sun is shining again & the shadows reflecting off the beautiful white snow is quite the sight!
Yesterday, even though the temp was only -8c at the best Gracie was sunning herself outside her house...she even had a bit of a pink/sunburned belly at supper time! The peafowl find the most sheltered, sunny spots to spend the day & warm up for the cold night, right now they are on the porch outside the window but will move with the sun! Ally is outside doing her "business" but also rooting away in the snow. Little Puggles is at my feet saying "pick me up please"...and I will after posting this.
So in ending all is well with the least "this world"!!

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