Thursday, February 11, 2010

The world lost a great animal advocate...

Ashli Taylor was a charming young woman who I met only twice . Ashli had a smile that just lit up the room. She was very well voiced on animal rights issues & stood by her convictions. A vegan for 18 years & proud of it !
Ashli was the one who first brought to my attention the "fill your freezer" live pig on the Kijij list. Along with her & many others , within 24 hours we had a home, money raised, transport & a name "Noelle" (it was Christmas time). The day I called & found out Noelle had been sold to someone else & was all ready at the butcher shop, Ashli was the first person I tears.
She called the "lady" who did this & spoke to her in a way I could not have...she got her points across without swearing or name calling (something I could not have done at the time), she was a young woman who was mature beyond her years. As I continued to rant about what had happened during the next few days Ashli just simply said "Susan, don't give these people anymore of your time...just let go & move on...they don't deserve it" was a girl young enough to be my daughter giving me this amazing advise. This is something I will always hear when other things occur in my life. Thanks for that Ashli.
Whatever your beliefs are I choose to think of her in heaven taking care of all the animals at Rainbow Bridge....especially Noelle who was so close to being rescued.
Thanks Ashli for all you have accomplished in your young life...your family should (and I am sure are) very proud of you !


  1. How sad that the animals here lost such a wonderful voice. Condolences to all who loved her!

  2. This is a great surprise! Thank you for posting this beautiful story Susan.!

    Bob Timmons
    Artist For The Ocean