Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pudge from Georgia

A little background on this story... I received (via our web site) an email from "Elizabeth" asking for help in placing "Pudge" a young farm pig found wandering the streets of Athens , Georgia. Pudge was quite beat up looking, it was thought perhaps she fell from a truck on the way to either a "finishing farm" or slaughter house.
I opened up the link she sent me & this beautiful, but pathetic pig was staring back at me. Some one had put those barbaric rings in her snoot (to stop rooting!).The snoot of a pig is their most sensitive spot!
I immediately posted on our "pig network" list & Lydia was all over it!! She was going to foster her & then a full time home was found at a Florida sanctuary. The rings would be removed & she would be spayed & vet checked. Perfect!
The problem was Lydia could not get a hold of the shelter in time! Some "young boys" came to claim her...saying she was theirs (no proof was given). They paid the "large" fine ( the shelters words , not mine) of $80 & off they went.
For 2 days we have been trying to get anyone to give these boys our numbers so we could offer to buy her but no one will.
I went on their shelter "forum" explaining my disapproval for this entire process & was met with...."she is only a pig", "bred for meat"...blah, blah, blah ! I politely sent them some sites on farming & was told I didn't know what I was talking about....meat farms are great, compassionate places! One person even said "perhaps in Canada it is still not humane but in Georgia they are fine" (quotes are not exact as I am no longer on this forum).
Then in one last desperate move I offered money to anyone who could put me in touch with the "owners"....yikes, I am surprised secret service didn't show up at my door! The thread on the forum was quickly frozen & I was "warned". I just "signed out" permanently.
Anyway, the ending is not hopeful & this saddens me....
I did "meet" 2 lovely ladies (who are not affiliated with the Athens shelter) but does try to network for the animals posted on the site.
I hope the very best for "Pudge" but fear the worst.

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