Tuesday, July 21, 2009

oh Earl.....

Just another morning doing the feeding.
 Flossy is in heat so tends to go off her food for a couple of days. She ate about 1/2 & then walked away. Her herd mate , Poppy, is a little on the chubby side so we do not let her finish the food.
 Instead Brian picked it up & took it over to Forrest (who is on the thinner side). Forrest was enjoying this "extra" treat when his bully brother, Earl, came over to ruin the fun!
 Earl pushes poor Forrest out of the way & starts to eat up the leftovers. Brian sees this & is coming over to "rescue" Forrest when Earl picks up the bowl (food & all) and RUNS into the forest area...not spilling a morsel . Brian yelling "Earl, drop the bowl !!" of course he does not obey this command & finishes the food before Brian could locate him & the bowl in the forest! Little (BIG) brat!...but smart !

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