Sunday, July 12, 2009

another day in the life of...

We had a storm here last night which knocked out the power for 6 hours...thank goodness for the generator to keep the sump pumps going! A couple of tree limbs down but no major damage.
Today was a sunny but cool, breezy day (my kind of weather!). All the pigs seemed to enjoy it well as the horses who like the breeze keeping the flys away!
I watched the peafowl "playing" was pretty funny as I am sure they were playing "tag"! One would run around a bush with the other in hot pursuit & then would stop & go the other direction stopping to "peek" around the bush looking for the other. This went on for about 10 mins...very funny to watch! It is past mating time so I really think it was a game!I believe birds are far more intelligent then we give them credit for! You just have to listen to those black birds "talk" to each other...even the peafowl will look "up" when they do a certain warning "call" & sure enough the hawk is flying over shortly after!
The geese are just starting to teach their young to fly....they were practicing on the front lawn today. They would run, flap, get a little "air" & then try again! There is one little guy/gal I call "Tiny Tim" who is 1/2 the size of the others but still tries everything they do!
Katie (potbellied pig) is our old gal (15 yrs)she amazes me everyday when she goes out for her walk-a-bout after supper. She is basically blind & deaf but finds her way out & back without a problem. Today she even found the pile of fresh hay I put out at the very back of the area! Such an amazing pig who I adore!

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