Saturday, July 4, 2009

cutting the grass ....laughing at the pigs!

Today was a nice day (or turned out to be) a little cool but breezy & sunny!
 I was doing the grass trimming around the paddocks & for some reason this gets Poppy & Flossy going wild! 
They run , spin & flop into the mud wallows over & over !! Next time I will have my camera with me....but today I just watched & laughed. By the time I finished trimming & came to get my camera they were sound asleep in their houses....all covered in mud!
So if I couldn't get some shots of Poppy & Flossy I headed into Forrest & Earls area....they get excited when I go in there & "oof...oof" at the top of their lungs when they see me!
They went into the mud pit area (which resembles the surface of the moon !) & flopped into one of the wallows...the mud there has a lot of clay so they come out grey(but happy!) at the end. 
All in all an enjoyable "working" day for all of us !

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