Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the sound of silence...

I woke up to yet another rainy day ! The paddocks are so muddy...I hope it can dry up soon. The rain was so hard I waited to go out to feed until it let up a little. Of course by this time they were "hungry hippos" & very vocal about this delay! 
I quickly fed first the cats, bunny, then horses...the big pigs noses to the gate & loudly saying "feed us first!"
 After everyone was fed I sat down to listen to the silence....well , sort of silence...there is that hum of munching with the occasional satisfied "grunt"...quite the enjoyable sound I must say ;)


  1. And we are in a heat wave, trade ya for a couple of days!!

  2. No way...I HATE the heat! ;)...the temps have been perfect here (24c) but we have had a lot of rain...but beautiful today ! Going to the "Shrine Circus" protest today....I hope it is a good turn out !