Thursday, July 2, 2009

Avian facial & pedicure....

Today we took our Gonzo (yellow fronted Amazon parrot) to the specialty Vet for his 6 mth beak trim & nail trim. We have been going to the same place twice a year now for 17 would think Gonzo would have grown accustom to this trip by now!! But NO it is a fight to get him in his carrier & the squawking while at the Vet is ridiculous!
He is home now & looks wonderful ....for another 6 mths!
Yesterday we power washed his cage outside while he watched through the window...all in all a stressful 2 days for the poor fella!
The sun has come out & according to the forecast will be staying with us for several days...yeah! Everything is so wet from all this rain.
** picture is pre-facial !! **


  1. I just watched your Trixie movie , She sure had a temper ;o) It must be hard to beleive such a little warrior pig walks with God now..

  2. I miss her so much....just walking past her stall is agonizing ;(