Sunday, August 16, 2009

visitors at the farm....

This weekend we had some visitors come stay here at Snooters. These are friends of mine from public school....we have known each other for over 45 yrs...yikes!!
For the past several summers they come out to visit, eat, drink wine & see the animals...always a pleasant combo! 
This weekend was very hot and sunny, so we enjoyed a nice day. The pigs entertained everyone with their mud wallow diving & blowing bubbles in the water! Always good ambassadors!  It was Gracie's 4th birthday so Brian gave her 1/2 a beer (she loves beer!) 
We had an entirely vegan dinner & everyone enjoyed it (or said so anyway!) Visiting here has had an effect on them by seeing & learning about the pigs. No one eats pork anymore so that is a very positive step!

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  1. What a great bunch of girls you all are!! And BRAVO to not eating our pig freinds!!!