Sunday, August 9, 2009

In honor of our "Trix"....

We had planned this dinner out with friends prior to our Trixie's passing. It was to be a "thank you" dinner for our dear friends who have gone above & beyond with their help for Trixie & her mobility issues. This dinner turned out to be a celebration of her life instead ! 
It is just so nice to be out with people who totally & completely understand your love & devotion for your animals! No having to explain WHY pigs are so special or WHY you don't eat meat or WHY you can't always get away.....they just know !
These are people who have come into our lives because of the pigs...we would never have had the pleasure of their friendship had it not been for our common "pig obsession " & situations throwing us together. These are people who we know can be called at a moments notice to help in a crisis & who, I hope, also know we would drop everything to help them out as well. It is comforting to know friendships like this exist.
We had a lovely dinner & a special toast to our girl, Trixie ! How many pigs have a dinner in their honor (& are not the main course  ;(  ...sorry, I just had to add that !)
Thanks Kim, Roy, Marianne & Ben for everything!


  1. Never will we ever forget Trixie!!!

  2. Probably because I don't shut up about her !!!

  3. That is what friends are for, and you can talk about Trixie all you want!! I will never get tried of hearing about her or seeing her pictures.

  4. How wonderful that Trixie had a life surrounded by love and caring and did not end up on the slaughter house garbage pile. Thank you for caring - keep fighting