Friday, August 28, 2009

Mighty Momma Mouse

We are doing some major clean outs & repairs of the big pigs houses the last few days...getting ready for winter. Our friend Ben (contractor) came out to help us !
Yesterday was Forrest & Earls house & what a mess to clean out! During the "clean out" this little mouse ran out the door ....I thought "oh no, I hope she doesn't have babies in here"....sure enough I found about 10 little new born babies in the straw. I carefully picked them up & took them out of the pig area & placed them under some hay & put a piece of wood over them like a lean-to.
I was hoping their Momma would find them, but I had my doubts because they were now a little ways from the original spot.
Sure enough this morning they were all gone (&  the wood piece was not moved) so I don't think anything else got to them.
She must have been watching us & went to them when we left...I think that is a very smart mouse & a good Momma!!

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