Monday, December 21, 2009

Grocery shopping, seen in a different light...

Today I went grocery shopping for Christmas. I went to the Loblaws SuperCenter (one of our bigger Canadian chains). Of course it was busy, but that is expected this time of the year.
I went up & down every isle picking out the things that were on my list (which I left at home!)
I found myself going down the meat isle, basically because it was one of the isles!
I guess being 4 days before Christmas everything was stocked to over flowing.
I have been vegetarian for 12 years & vegan for 1 1/2 yrs & this is the first time I really "saw" what was there.....hundreds of large frozen headless turkeys, overflowing freezers with pig rumps (hams) & god knows what else I chose not to notice....I actually got choked up....and hurried on my way out of this place. I know my meat eating friends will be thinking "oh God Susan" but this is really how I felt. I want everyone to just think & see what I saw in that isle & perhaps reflect a little to the suffering that goes into that Christmas feast.
I remember my first Thanksgiving after going vegetarian. I was so concerned about what I would eat & how the meal would not be the same as the past. Well, I have to tell you my plate was full, I enjoyed every bite & never missed that slab of flesh on my plate...our minds are just so programed from children that our meal must include meat...obviously not so. I have never felt better both physically & mentally since giving up animal products!

Merry Christmas & a happy , healthy 2010 to all !!! and I mean ALL ...

***Think for a moment....Is the "eating more important than the knowing...or should the knowing be more important than the eating"... I personally choose the "knowing"....


  1. Never mind your meat eating friends saying "Oh God Susan". I have always been a big meat eater, but over the past many months the meat has been replaced with mostly vegetarian meals.

  2. A good book to read is called "Eating Animals" gore....just facts, very enlightening! We sell it on our web site too!