Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Noelle's story...

Yesterday December 7th I received an email from a girl on my rescue list. She had seen an ad on "Kijiji" (an online buying/selling site) selling a live 300lb pig to "fill your freezer".

Within 24 hrs we had bought her, arranged a truck/trailer, pick up time & a sanctuary home for the pig we nicknamed "Noelle". After the excitement of knowing this was going to have a happy ending the ultimate crash of emotions happened.

Today, December 8th I phoned the lady who was selling her to arrange the time on Saturday for pick up & she bluntly told me she was "gone"....sold to a higher bidder & already at the butcher for slaughter. I was so stunned & overcome with emotion the right words did not come...I do remember saying "karma is a bitch Donna, remember that" to her ....but wanted to say much more.

How can people be so cruel....she knew this pig could have a happy , safe home but sold her for a few extra dollars (which I would have gladly paid) to be slaughtered for a Christmas meal.

Our entire rescue network is reeling with sadness over this poor pig we never met but loved all the same.

I am only glad she is free from this world of cruelty now.

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  1. OMG...I'm in shock....I can't believe somebody would do that. I feel Noelle and for you Susan.