Thursday, June 25, 2009

the pond family....

We are lucky enough to have 2 rather large ponds on our property. One further away & one right behind our house. I love to sit & watch the pond creatures go about their daily tasks! 
We have a blue heron who fishes here almost every morning, a hawk who comes by for one of the large gold fish in the pond , many paint turtles & some weasel looking fella who drops in for a visit once in awhile, the Canada geese family & a duck family.
This morning I noticed this large turtle making its way across our lawn heading towards the pond ...I went out & it was the same old gal we took to the other pond last week! She is very old (about 2 feet in diameter) and covered in moss....she definitely wanted in the "house"pond. She is a snapper so I really didn't want her out here with the ducks , geese & our dogs swimming but there was no stopping her (without loosing a finger or two!)Hopefully the fish will keep her well fed & she leaves the others alone.
It has been very hot the last few days....fortunately the pigs have shade to keep them cool. We fill their wallows with cool water daily (doesn't stay cool long) but it is still hard on them...and us! I just can't take this heat anymore, it is so draining! I will be complaining about winter too when it comes..LOL!

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