Monday, June 15, 2009

and they keep coming....

I received a call in 2004 from a lady who had visited a livestock auction (never a good idea!). There at the auction were these 2 potbellied pigs (male & female) . She bid on them against a fellow who was going to slaughter them for food & brought them home to her small hobby farm. Within a week the female had given birth to 9 piglets!! This lady was overwhelmed and was trying to place all of these new additions. I told her I would take 2 & my friend Cheryl also took 2 little girls. At the very end there was one small female left...I just couldn't have her left there so she came home to us as well. 
Enter...Johnny, Roy & Belle to the "herd" ! Johnny & Roy bunk together beside Katie & Sunny . Little Belle started as a house pig but when we had the larger pig barn built we moved her out with Valentine & Easter. She lived outside for 2 years until Easter began to be less than nice to her. We brought her back into the house to live with us (& Ally). Belle is as cute as a button, well behaved & we enjoy her in the house! 
Johnny & Roy love living outside, they get paddock/pond time from breakfast to late afternoon & spend it rooting up everything in sight!
Last but not least is Easter (aka the beast!) Easter came from a pregnant female at a shelter. My now dear friend Marianne (this is how we met in 2005) adopted Easters parents & soon after "Patty" gave birth to several piglets. We took Easter(close to Easter time) thus the name! He is a pig with ADD ! He never stops....he has these lovely but wild eyes & tall lanky legs....quite a character! 

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