Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the last but certainly not least of the piggies....

We received Poppy from a factory farm at about the same time as Trixie. Poppy had a leg injury and again, was destined to death because of it. She is a fire cracker in a pigs body! Poppy is very smart & along with this comes being a brat...she is that right "in your face" type animal. She can drive us nuts at times but we love her just the same!

Next is Flossy. Her rescuer was at a pig farm & took note of this rather odd looking pig who was low on the pecking order & just stood by looking sad. She has one blue eye , one brown eye, short legs , a long body & these huge floppy ears ! She just could not leave her there (she was due to be shipped to slaughter very shortly). Enters Flossy to our herd ! She is a dear thing with a shy personality. Flossy & Poppy bunk together. I was just out there feeding & she took a long wonderful mud bath after breakfast ...looking very pleased with herself!

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