Tuesday, June 16, 2009

and they get bigger...

In 2004 we had the arrival of our first "big" pigs...Forrest & Earl. They came from a backyard breeder who sold to mostly private people for pig roasts. 
I remember going to pick them up & this lady carrying them out to our car upside down by the legs...screaming ! Their Mother was in an adjoining paddock just staring at us...I told her they would be okay...I hope she understood.
We had Forrest & Earl in dog crates for the short ride home & I remember one of them (I think it was Forrest) looking up at me with these eyes, wondering what was going to happen. I promised him he & his brother would have a good, long, happy life with us. I can still see those eyes looking at me now.
They are very big boys now...probably 700 lbs & very handsome. Earl is the "tough" guy while Forrest is the gentle soul. They have a private house & their paddock area includes some forest that they are slowly destroying!

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