Friday, June 12, 2009


Snooters is our little sanctuary. Home to 23 animals & 2 humans. My husband , Brian & myself are the humans and the animals consist of 3 dogs, 1 parrot, 2 horses, 1 rabbit, 2 cats, 6 farm pigs , 8 potbellied pigs & several peafowl.

Spring has arrived and summer only a week away. All of us have endured a long hard winter. The weather was cold and to top things off I broke my leg in December. This left my husband doing all the chores & both of us being off work...what doesn't kill us makes us stronger...right?!

With the spring comes all the activity around the farm. The geese showing off their beautiful 7 babies, the doe & her baby my husband saw the other day, the turtles making their trek to the ponds....even the very old , angry snapping turtle we just had to help get around the fence line! The peafowl with their calls every several minutes (day & night!) , the racoon who had her babies under the house & their cute little cries while she is out getting food. I do love all this activity at this time of year!

This ever looming fear of the H1N1 (swine ) flu and our beloved pigs being in danger from this 
disease humans have created with the over crowding, disease ridden factory farms. The public has no idea what the future holds if treatment of animals for food does not improve. They wander into the grocery store & pick up the neatly plastic wrapped package of meat but have no clue as to its origin....and most don't care to learn.

This is not the life for everyone, it is demanding, unable to get away to recharge & the never ending money pit but we love our animals and will always do the best for them.

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