Friday, June 19, 2009

Today was a nice day outside...warm & sunny!  I filled the wallows with fresh, cool water & boy, do they love that (especially Flossy!) I will have to take some pictures of her "diving" in & flopping about like a fish out of water! When she is finished she looks like she is made of chocolate!
I could not get Trixie up today (& Brian is working)...I hate that she lays there all day. I have to say it doesn't seem to bother her...she never struggles, just grunts with contentment as I feed her apples & push straw around her while she is laying there, she even pees/poops into a bucket for me! Brian gets her up and feeds her before he goes to work at 5am so at least she is not hungry...although pigs are always hungry! He will be home soon to help her up & give her a bath & snack. It is hard because I feel guilty...I wish I could just "will" her to her feet....
Gracie had a good supper & then ventured out to the small forest area to lay in the cool dirt. I just went out to say "goodnight" & to put bug spray on her ....I hope she makes her way back to her house tonight as it is suppose to rain. It is a good sign when she goes out there as her leg must be feeling okay! :)

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  1. You need a portable/ mobile engine hoist if there is such a thing??? I wonder if the hospitals ever get rid of old stuff they don't use and if they are strong enough to hoist a big girl??