Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pigs,Pigs & More Pigs !

All this madness started back in 1998 with the purchase of our first pig, Valentine. Yes, from a breeder...the first & last purchase from a breeder...ever! There are so many animals needing homes that breeders should not be an option.
Valentine was this tiny bundle of joy shaped like a pig! Knowing NOTHING about potbellied pigs I started to research via the other "pig people" & learned about these special creatures. I soon found out how people would get these "mini" pigs & as they grew to their normal size of 125-150 lbs would discard them like yesterdays garbage.
This brings us to moving to larger property & starting up our little sanctuary "Snooters".

Pigs are not for everyone, I would actually say pigs are not for most people. Because they are so intelligent they get bored easily & can be quite destructive living inside a house. We have experienced rooted drywall, torn carpet, chewed wood...should I continue??! Being the drama queens/kings they are veterinary care is also a challenge, just finding a good vet who knows pigs is a common problem. All this being said, with the right family pigs are a wonderful addition to your life!

We now have a total of 8 potbellied pigs here. Over the next few days I will introduce you to them & their stories!

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