Monday, June 15, 2009

The big move...

We moved to our 20+ acres in 2001. Within a few months we had added 4 potbellied pigs to our "herd". Butch & Sunny came from Oakville where they had been running loose for 3 weeks before being caught by animal control. They came here at about 4 months...scared to death of people! They soon settled in and although were not the most social pigs were very happy in their new house & fenced paddock area which included a large pond. 
Unfortunately our Butch became ill in 2007 & even a trip to Guelph for expert care could not save him from the diagnosis of cancer...we had him euthanized with us by his side. Sunny continues to be a joy to have around but suffers from severe arthritis in his front legs....medication keeps him comfortable & his daily sleeps in the sun help as well.

Ally (McSqueel) came here from a home where the couple became "too busy" and did not want her anymore. Ally was a house pig & continues to be one here....she is shy & reserved but very sweet....very much a loner.

Our Katie was dumped off at a cat rescue shelter. We were called & went to find this extremely obese, fat blind, aggressive pig. We brought her home & over 2 yrs she lost 80lbs! Unfortunately the damage had been done with her eyes & hearing & both are very limited. She has mellowed to be a lovely girl who even with her poor eye site goes for "walk-a-bouts" in the paddock area after supper every night in the nice weather.
Katie is our oldest pig at 15 yrs old!

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