Wednesday, June 17, 2009

and they get bigger con't.....

Well, for some reason my last blog update was cut off and pictures of Forrest & Earl are missing!
Probably something I did!
Anyway, here is the rest of the story of how our Gracie came to be here (her pics are in the last post). As I was saying I have made some great friends through pig rescue & Kristi is one of them. 

Gracie was from a factory farm, born smaller & rejected by her mom & litter mates .She ended up with a cut on her leg that needed tending. In factory farms it is all about the bottom line and things like stitches & antibiotics cost money.This was going to be Gracie's death sentence until Kristi took her home. Gracie came here as a 6 week old piglet. She lived in the house all winter until her house outside was built the next was a long winter!! Big pigs do not make good indoor pets..LOL!!!
Unfortunately Gracie came here with a strep suis infection which can cause arthritis . We did treat the infection but she still has problems with her right rear leg. She is on medication for this & we will keep her comfortable as long as possible.
Gracie is quite the character & not always friendly. But every night as we check on everyone she lifts her snoot for a kiss...& won't take no for an answer matter how dirty she is....we happily comply! ** Gracie's pictures are in the previous post below **
**The pictures with this post are Forrest & Earl as youngsters & now handsome grown fellows!

Yesterday as I was doing the evening feed I saw the Doe & fawn on our back laneway...she was just strolling along with the little one bouncing all around her....the cutest thing you ever saw! I hope they stay on our land (or both our neighbours on each side) as we all do not allow hunting of any kind. ;)

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