Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The horses , bunny & cats....

Although not rescues our 2 horses will live here forever with us. My "Harley" had  4 homes before the age of 6 yrs old. I have had him since he was 7 yrs & he is now 22 yrs old!! A great horse!He is a quarter horse gelding. I used to board him elsewhere as we did not have stalls & proper fencing in when we first moved here. Being a herd animal they need a companion so we bought "Dolly"...a now 12 yr old Quarter Horse mare. They make a great team! Brian & I just need to find more time to go out & ride them!

I was at work in Toronto one night shift & saw this little creature sitting beside my car. As I approached I saw it was a rabbit! Thinking he/she would just bold away I walked towards her...well, she just hopped right up to me! Darn rabbit knew I couldn't just leave her there. 
L.B. (little bunny) came home with me the next morning & resides in a 12x12 stall in the barn!

We had a bit of a mouse problem in our barn so we decided we needed a barn cat (I like mice, so it took me a long time to agree). I called a girl who does cat rescue & told her we want 2 cats who would live in the barn. Along comes "Wilson" & "Scooter" who were to be euthanized the next morning at the shelter. They are great cats! People cannot believe they are barns cats because they are both just so friendly!....and good mousers ;(

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