Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our feathered friends...

"Gonzo" our yellow fronted amazon parrot was purchased from a pet store in 1992 ....boy, have I come a long way since pet store purchases! He just turned 17 yrs old...WOW...but of course he could live to more then 60 yrs old.  He is an interesting fella...used to talk up a storm but now only speaks when "he" feels like it (which is fine). He LOVES my daughter Sarah who lives in BC....when she visit he squeals with delight..LOL! Gonzo is with us forever but I do not think parrots should be pets..not fair to them at all!

Our other feathered friends are actually not "ours" ...they live here & entertain us daily! About 5 yrs ago 2 very large birds showed up on our back porch....duh, I didn't even know what they were until I looked it up on the internet! We named them "Bert & Ethel". The next year they had babies & we were so thrilled ! To date there are now 17 peafowl wandering our property! They take care of themselves, roost high in the trees at night, find their food & have survived many winters now! We are trying to stop this reproducing though! This year we fed them a special birth control feed (the eggs will not theory !) We will find out very soon! 


  1. Great Blog, Susan - love your pics, as always. I sympathize about your peafowl - my ducks are reproducing like rabbits - would love to know more about the feed you are trying ...


  2. Wow Susan, you've been holding back!!! LOL Great blog ! I am so glad your sharing your work so more can read about the love at your house!!