Monday, June 22, 2009

Run like the wind, Baby Girl.....

Just 2 days ago I posted about hoping to not add to the "Rainbow bridge gang" anytime soon and here I am typing out this post about our dear girl "Trixie". 
Trixie was born with only 3 legs and it has been a struggle to keep her happy & healthy. 
With the help of our vet Trixie made the journey to Rainbow bridge yesterday (June 21 2009).

I cannot begin to express how much we will miss her...she has been such a huge part of our lives since she came here at 5 weeks of age. I would never have imagined she would live to be 3 yrs old!

I will miss going into the barn with the usual "morning baby girl" & her answering with a soft "grunt"....her daily sponge baths with her nub of a tail wagging a mile a minute....the apple treats only she got mid afternoon....and the goodnight kiss on her snout , "goodnight, I love you baby girl"....."grunt" she would say....that is what I will miss the most of all.

She was very special & our lives have been enriched by her living here.

Good night baby girl....I will see you again.....


  1. Heartbreaking.. ((( hugs)))to you both

  2. My heart goes out to you both, Trixie was such a Special girl - Run free, Be happy Trixie!! loved by all who knew her! - Sue/Piggies