Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Now for "the dogs"....

"Riley" (black Lab/Rottie cross) was brought to us as a puppy in 2000....his owners did not want him anymore & he was left outside alone by a busy street. He has grown up to be a great dog...very affectionate & very smart!
"Shelly" is our newest addition(2008).When Riley's companion "Buddy" passed away last year at the age of 10 yrs from cancer he seemed very lonely. We looked around at various rescues & found "Shelly"(Black Lab/boarder collie cross). She came with some issues ( who doesn't !) but has fit into the family just great! They have each other now to hang out with!
"Jackie" is our Shar-pei. We have had Shar-pei's in the past & through a rescue (2001) found "Jackie". She is special needs as she is blind from birth! Believe it or not she does very well finding her way around. She is Daddy's little girl!

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