Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our Trixie

This blogging thing is "new" so expect posts daily until it becomes "old" LOL. Over the next few days I thought I would talk about some of the animals here at Snooters.
Trixie is our 3 legged girl . Born at a factory farm missing her left front leg. A friend who worked there at the time told me about all the birth defects at this place & how this little pig was born with only 3 legs. From that moment on I could not stop thinking about this poor little thing living in such a place, being herded around with her 3 legged handicap & probably being sold as a "second" for some idiots backyard BBQ....can't you just hear all the jokes ;(
I called her up & said please buy her for me....I suspected she would not live long as 3 legs cannot hold a full grown 500lb pigs body but I was determined that her life be full of love & comfort for as long as she had.
Trixie came here at about 5 weeks old, cute as a button & boy could she run like the wind on those 3 legs ! She lived in the house for several months & then was moved outside with another piglet named Poppy. 
Trixie has grown to be a beautiful big girl & I am happy to say is now almost 3 yrs old ! Her life is not perfect & she no longer "runs like the wind" but she is a happy soul. Last December while helping Trixie up on icy footing she fell landing on & fractured my leg. We knew it was necessary to move her into a stall in the barn where the footing is always safe.  
It was bitter sweet as we knew this was best for all of us but now she would be without her Poppy & Flossy (who to be honest where not always nice to her). We spend as much time during the day we can with her & she gets special sponge baths & treats that the others do not! Don't tell them! She will let us know when she is no longer happy but for now her grunts of pleasure as we talk to her speak volumes!

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