Sunday, November 1, 2009

Puggles arrives...

We picked up little "Puggles" yesterday from the dog rescue. She is a 10 year old pug/chihuahua cross who was used in a puppy mill down in Ohio for her entire life. Now unable to produce puppies she was discarded.
When she arrived at the rescue in June she could not even stand. This was due to a lifetime of living in a small cage, leaving her back legs with no muscle control. Fortunately after some rehab at the rescue she can walk , not well, but at least gets around!
Puggles is blind in one eye & I don't think she sees well from the other either. She was never housebroken (didn't need to be in a cage) so that is a work in progress.
The poor little thing just walks in circles but seems to love life just the same. She loves to snuggle & eats like a piggy!! Oh & howls to get up at 5:30am....doesn't understand this daylight saving thing...LOL!
We will make sure she has a good life here with us for her remaining years!
Welcome to Snooters , Puggles!

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  1. Our three rescued mini poodles were not house broken either. They still have accidents so we keep the training pads out for them and they used them most of the time, but we still have accidents. But that's ok, we just wipe it up.
    Sara our last rescue (Melissa's baby) still runs in tight circles when she gets excited and this is after 2 years.

    She is beautiful....