Monday, September 14, 2009

Our Trip to Farm Sanctuary and The Tusk & Bristle

Our long awaited trip to New York to visit our friend Carol at "The Tusk and Bristle" and then onto "Farm Sanctuary" has come & gone in a flash....but what a great time we had!!
Sherry, Kim & myself started out very early Friday morning & headed down to Carols (about a 5 hour drive). We visited with her many pigs of all types, breeds & sizes for several hours. The big hit was her new "babies"...a warthog named "Suzie" & a bearded pig named "Ellie" who are both about 4 months old. What friendly fascinating little girls they are! Another friend, Dawn, came with her Kune Kune pigs and we were able to cuddle with those babies as well. Mary came out to dinner with us after our fun filled "pig" day! With much regret we said out good byes for another year and headed down to Farm Sanctuary (2.5 hr drive). 
We arrived in the dark & rain to Farm Sanctuary but where like kids on Christmas eve! The B & B cabins were lovely & the bed welcoming after our long day! At sunrise I was up & looking out at the fields full of animals grazing in the misty rain...a beautiful sight!! We met 2 people who came to help volunteer with chores for the day. Steve, is from New Jersey & Eliza from Georgia.
We had just met but you would think we had been friends for years! Animal people seem to be like that...easy to be friends with.
We had a great tour of the farm & met with lots of wonderful animals. The sheep & goats were so friendly & would line up for their pats & hugs! The cows are so big, but such gentle souls.The chickens, roosters, geese & the big friendly turkey showing us his beautiful tail feathers! Then of course the PIGS!! What fun petting & watching all of them just "be pigs"....sleep, root, graze....simple things, but something most pigs cannot dream to do. 
We all went out to dinner in Watkins Glen.We talked & laughed about everything! Good vegan food , good wine & good company!
The next day was beautiful & sunny but our day to return home. After a last walk around to say goodbye we started on our journey home to see our own family of animals!
**All the pictures I took from both places are in the "Links of Interest" to the right of the page...please take a few minutes to "meet" everyone we did!**
A magical place that I will definitely be returning to....

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