Sunday, March 7, 2010

Has Spring actually Sprung !

What a beautiful sunny day here in Ontario....temps are warm (for March!), snow is melting & the animals are out & about enjoying it!
The indoor piggies (& dogs) are all finding their own piece of sun to lay in. The peafowl are out on the porch enjoying the day too!
I woke up to a strange noise outside this morning & saw a flock of wild turkeys walking about on the frozen pond. The peafowl were watching the intruders with interest.
Why is it the sun makes everyone feel so much better? Do us folk in the colder climates just appreciate it more or do the southern people always feel this good!! LOL
Forrest was already outside his house laying in the straw when I went over to feed this am...a big smile on his face (or I thought so anyway!)
Harley & Dolly (horses) are very perky with Dolly running & kicking out with glee!
Poppy & Flossy are laying in their houses with their heads hanging out facing the sun, eyes closed & looking VERY pleased with the experience.
Gracie is out on "her" porch with a slight sunburn from yesterday....a pink belly never hurt anyone!
We should be able to allow the hens out shortly if the warm weather continues....I know they will love feeling the warmth of the sun for the first time.

Hope everyone took advantage of this gorgeous day....the gang here all did!

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