Sunday, June 20, 2010

First Ever Volunteer Day

Yesterday was our very first volunteer day here at Snooters.The weather called for thunder storms & 20mm of rain but it stayed beautiful with only a few sprinkles at the end of the day! I have to admit I was totally shocked at the great response to our Facebook event invite. We ended up with 68 people here helping out! 90 % of them I had never met in person.
A ton of work got done in a very short period of time....lots of painting & several tons (& I really mean tons) of gravel moved into Poppy/Flossy paddock. Pig houses cleaned, poop scooped, even weeds pulled & of course the horses bathed & groomed!
Everyone arrived about 10am to coffee/tea/juice & vegan pastries from the Danish Vegan Bakery (who so kindly delivered & discounted costs for us!) We all got started about 11am & everything was done by 2pm! A hot vegan lunch was served & everyone got to chill out, visit with each other & all the animals.
Everyone loved seeing the pigs in the mud wallows, the peafowl walking about, the house piggies on the porch , the horses all clean & shining but mostly the calf's ! Ashli & Norman were the best ambassadors....they LOVE to be petted! I think there are about a 1000 photos floating around of them in peoples cameras!
It is so nice to see people really connect with farm animals like this.
I really want to thank everyone who came out, both new & old friends!
Special thanks to Mary, Mark, Judy, Kim , Kristi, Niall, Bob & Sherry (who have their own pig sanctuary "Ruby Ranch" but came to help) Vanessa, my daughter Angela, granddaughter Alyssa, & son-in-law Dony who did a ton of work.
Thank you !!!! Next year anyone???!!

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