Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring has sprung...sort of....

We had some nice warm temps at the beginning of March....the snow melting away, the geese arriving back to the pond & the peacocks fanning for the girls! Then BAM...snow & cold temps again! This week is suppose to warm up is only March after all !
With the warm weather we had problems with the calfs house....a little streams seems to like to run right through the shelter. We had the contractors over & it looks like the best idea is to move the shelter to higher ground. They assure me this can be done in a day as not to upset the boys too much. After it is moved they are building an extension on to the house for the sheep-boys.
That brings me to our next bit of news.... the two sheep boys arrived from the university of Guelph via Cedar Row sanctuary last week....thank you to Siobhan & Florine for bringing them all the way here! We have named them Timothy & Thomas....Timmy & Tommy or T & T !!!
What sweet fellas they are....very social ! Right now they are living in 1/2 of the stall in the barn....Penny (potbellied pig) in the other half until their shelter is built. They will share the paddock with Norman & Ashli . I can hardly wait to see them running about in the fresh air!!
We have the plans done up for the new chicken coop too....very fancy. I hope the girls enjoy it!
Construction to begin soon!
Volunteer day is planned for May 28th so I am hoping this will all be done so the structures can be painted then.
A beautiful sunny day today....going out to enjoy it now!

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