Friday, January 15, 2010

R.I.P. our beautiful Katie

We heard about Katie from some people (Sue & Jim) who volunteered at a cat rescue/sanctuary in Pickering. They said this pig had been dumped at the cat rescue & had to be place elsewhere. Brian & I went out to see her . There was this very obese, fat blind potbellied pig. She was aggressive, her urine looked like custard & a huge "tumor" looking thing hanging down between her legs. We looked at each other & thought we would give her a try.
She came to live here about 7 yrs ago, recovered from her UTI, lost 80lbs, gained a little sight back & that "tumor" was nothing more than a large fat sack (perhaps she had babies in her past life?).
The night she came here she was very frightened & therefore aggressive...we didn't have her house in place yet so we put in a large dog-a-loo for shelter...she would have no part of it! In the middle of the night it began to storm, and I mean storm!! Thunder, lightening, wind & torrential rain. It woke me up & I thought how this poor frightened new family member must be feeling. I put on my rain gear , grabbed an umbrella & went out to sit with her. Initially she was trying to attack me but I talked to her & she settled down....we both sat threw the storm together under the umbrella & became fast friends because of it.
Over 2 years she lost about 80 lbs & could actually see a little bit. In the summer she loved to go out in the big paddock area for her "walk-a-abouts", eating grass & sunning herself. Katie was 15 years old !
I will miss her so much. She had a good life here with us & in turn enriched our lives with her presence. All our animals are special but some hold an extra special part in our hearts...Katie was one of those to me. I love you Kate... XXXOO

A lovely poem written & sent to us by Janice Gillett of "Hearts on Noses" pig sanctuary in BC

One more day

Spring is just around the corner , you can’t leave today

Winter is almost over, and summer is on the way

I wanted you to feel the sun, for just one more day

I had been making plans for us, it is what I do

A new blanket, add some straw and fix a fence or two

I just saw you yesterday and had been talking to you

I wasn’t ready , we hadn’t finished what we were going to do

That’s your house , your dish and your nest and I am missing you.

I wish that you were here right now , for just one more day

We had things to do..


  1. A lovely tribute for such an adorable pig and freind. Its never long enough ..

  2. Oh Susan, I'm so sorry. Her life with you and Brian was the best she could ever ask for. You should be so proud of the wonderful live you guys gave her. She is now sunning herself in the green pastures at Rainbow Bridge....

  3. My heart goes out to both of you for your loss, I can imagine what a large hole she has left.
    Katie was so very lucky to have crossed paths with you and the last seven years of having your care, love and affection reversed everything unpleasant that had taken place before.
    My love to you and my gratitude for all the lives you have changed for the better.