Monday, September 6, 2010

Animal news...& misc stuff!

Wow, I haven't posted anything for 6 weeks, where does the time go? Here it is September, summer gone & winter approaching.

All is well here on the farm. Ashli & Norman, the dairy bull calfs, are growing like weeds. They are off their bottles & on grain /hay now ! Such handsome boys they are!

We have 4 new rescue hens (from a battery cage operation). They are bald, with short cut beaks & scared to death of people when they first arrived. After just one week they are much better and actually come over to me when I go in their stall. We are planning to build them a coop & fenced in area before spring. We have named them "big Bertha", "Tiny" & "Laverne & Shirley".

We have welcomed lots of visitors in the past month to meet & learn about Snooters. Next weekend (Sept 10-12) is the Toronto Vegetarian Fair at Harbourfront in Toronto. The TVA has kindly offered us a table to share with other Ontario sanctuaries. We will be there on Saturday the 11th from 12-3pm...come by to say hello (& perhaps buy a mug or note cards to help support the animal care!)

Yesterday we had friends over. Kim came to help with hooves. She is the great "pig flipper" & Brian does the trimming as I hold legs & help anyway I can. The pigs hate it but it has to be done yearly. Thank goodness it is over until next year now! Thanks Kim!!

Kristi & Niall came over after & brought me the most precious gift....a portrait Niall did of our Trixie! Both Brian & I were teary when we saw it. We still miss her so much. It is a gift I will treasure always.

Feeding time so I better is a good day when everyone eats well !!

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