Monday, September 13, 2010

Veggie Food Fair , Baby peachicks & new signs!

First off I totally forgot to mention we have 3 little peachicks here at Snooters! They are very cute & I love to watch them learning from their Moms & the others in the flock! One little one is very special as he is all white!! I am very excited to see what he looks like as an adult in the future!
This past weekend Snooters was at the Toronto Vegetarian Assc Food Fair here in Toronto. The TVA kindly donated a table for 5 Ontario sanctuaries to share. Our time was on Saturday from noon to 3pm. I met so many great like minded people & saw many friends who have visited the sanctuary in the past. We sold some mugs, picture note cards & some beautiful hand drawn/painted cards that Kristi made for us to sell. Also, a special mention to Anne who baked some yummy vegan cupcakes to sell with the proceeds being split between the sanctuaries.
It was such a great event with lots of products to buy & sample. Great food & wonderful speakers! This is an event I will not miss every September!
We had Ashli & Norman's donated name signs delivered yesterday....they look great & the boys approve! Thank you to Gary & Courtney!

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